Keema Omelette

Keema Omelette is a unique recipe of Pakistan. Like we make keema samosa, keema kachori, keema paratha, etc. same we make keema omelette. It is like keema Filling is wrapped in egg wrap. Do try this, its awesome …



-Heat oil and spread it all over the pan.

-Crack two eggs in a bowl and beat well.

-Now pour this mixture on the pan and cook it on low heat without any disturbance.

-Now when it is a little bit cooked, spread mincemeat all over it. Now Fold and turn Frequently. When its golden red dish it out and serve hot with bread or Fork.


Tasty treat For non vegs is ready to serve.


Ayesha's Kitchen

Ayesha's Kitchen


-Do not add salt because it is already there in mincemeat.


This will serve 1 – 2 person.

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