How To Keep Fruits Fresh For A Long Time …

There are different methods of preserve he freshness of different fruits:

Apples: Let’s start from A for Apple. Apple does not require refrigeration. They stay fresh for a long time at room temperature i.e., 25 degrees Celsius. So keep them out at room temperature and at some dry place and they will stay fresh for about 3 weeks.

Oranges, Mandarins and other citrus Fruits: Keep all the citrus fruits at room temperature. Same as apple, they don’t need high or low temperature. They stay fresh for approximately three weeks if kept at room temperature. You can refrigerate them but after that they will not give a fresh look. Keeping in refrigerator or outside does not affect its taste.

Mango, Pineapple and other Tropical Fruits: Keep them refrigerated as they need cool and dry environment to stay fresh. They stay fresh up to 2 weeks if placed in cool dry place or for 1 week if placed a room temperature. Keep them away from water. Wash before eating.

As mango is a very delicious fruit and is not available 365 days, you can still store it for shakes and other tropical drinks. Peel them, cut them into wedges, place them in tub ware or freezer bags and store them in freezer. Mango wedges will stay fresh up to 4 – 6 months easily. Keep away from moisture.

Grapes and berries: Grapes and berries can also be frozen for further use in shakes and drinks in the same way as mangoes. Take of their leafy parts and stems and freeze them using tub ware or freezer bags. For fresh and short term use, place them in refrigerator where temperature is a bit high, because berries and grapes need cold temperature to preserve their freshness. They stay fresh up to 7 days.

Bananas: Never ever keep bananas in refrigerator or without its bunch stem, because bunch stem give them energy to stay fresh for longer period of time. Keep them out at room temperature and they will stay fresh up to 3 weeks. Use soft timber basket or plastic basket to store them otherwise they will get marks on the outer peel.

Tamarillos, Kiwi Fruits, Star fruits, Plums, Apricot, Lychee, Loquats and Pears: Keep them in refrigerator in middle level shelf because they need a bit of cold temperature to stay fresh.

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