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Fruit Of The Week BANANAS


Its long and thick- skinned edible Fruit that is yellow when ripe. Sometimes it has black spots on its skin, its a moist white Fruit From inside which has its own particular taste, in exotic cakes people denotes them with green or yellow colour. Its a tropical Fruit which is Found at the place where there are lots of beaches. Wild forms of the banana plant come originally from the Indo-Malaysian area and are now cultivated all over the tropical and sub-tropical continents. They are the basic Food in many tropical areas.

There are Four types of bananas:

  1. Fruit bananas: They are normal, yellow bananas.
  2. Apple Bananas: they are smaller and are ripen Fast and yellow in colour.
  3. Baby bananas: they are yellow as well and the sweetest of all.
  4. Baking bananas: they are big and thick, they cannot be eaten raw so people of tropical areas bake them and eat as potatoes.

Banana plants can grow upto 15 m. But most plants vary From 3 to 9 m.It has very big leaves which are a part of Kerala culture, people of kerala serve their Food on bana leaves traditionally.

Some important things about banana:

  • It is the most well known tropical Fruit,
  • In eastern Africa people make banana beer, brewed From bananas,
  • Tropical fruit is usually picked unripe and has to ripen in the land of arrival. To make this process go faster bananas are treated with ethylene-gas. Normal bananas also ripen through ethylene -gas but exposing it to additional gas accelerates the process
  • These are Fattening because they contain starch,
  • Eat atleast one banana a day because they are said to contain everything a human needs and all the 8 amino-acids our body cannot produce itself,
  • They are good source of Fibre, potassium and vitamin C.

Keep bananas on a Fruit dish in the living room at room temperature. If you want the bananas to ripen Fast place the bowl in the sun. Like other tropical Fruits and tomatoes and bell peppers, never store bananas in the refrigerator. Below 8 degrees Celsius the Fruit will decay From the inside. These Fruits will not ripen but will turn black in the refrigerator.


Vegetable Of The Week GARLIC



Garlic is very much wellknown herb From centuries. It is basically used in the preparation of Food and medicines. Research has shown that certain compounds in garlic (allyl-cysteine, and ajoene) can be beneficial to our health. Garlic is an effective ] anti-viral and anti-fungal agent, a natural antibiotic which lowers blood pressure, may help fight cancer, and has many other beneficial effects. Some studies have found lower rates of certain types of cancer in people who consume large amount of garlic. Garlic, with olive oil, is a key element to savory cooking, plus it is healthy for you. Garlic can be used:

  • To avoid High cholesterol,
  • To avoid Heart related problems,
  • To avoid Blood clotting,
  • To avoid Indigestion,
  • As Pain reliever,
  • To reduce infections,
  • To avoid nervous disorder, e.g., paralysis,
  • In Eyesight improvement,
  • To prevent the growth of cancerous cells

It is a very useful thing For marination because it kills the bad smell of the meat and add a very aromatic Flavour to it, thats why we marinade chicken, beef and Fish in garlic paste.

Use garlic and be Fit, its a wonderful thing.