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Home-made American Diner Style Hash Browns

There are more than 10 ways to make hash browns depending in which part of the world you are eating. This is the most easy & authentic recipe for American diner style hash brown which complements anything you make for breakfast.

Ayesha’s Kitchen

ALERT: It is highly addictive!

The buttery crispiness of potatoes is so irresistible!


  • 2 potatoes (Russet/ Australia/ Ruby/ any potato of your choice)
  • Some butter at room temperature
  • Some cooking oil
  • A generous pinch of salt


  1. Grate the potatoes and put the gratings in a sieve. Run cold water through until all the starch is gone and water runs clear. Turn off the tap.
  2. Keep the water draining for 10 minutes and then spread it on a clean and dry kitchen towel and pat dry the potato gratings. Put the potato back in a clean dry bowl.
  3. Heat the frying pan and melt some butter and oil. Take a handful of grated potatoes and place it in the oil and spread it even. With the flipping spoon give it a shape and let it cook for at least 5 minutes on medium heat or until the side is crispy. Flip it and season with some salt and let the other side cook for 5 – 8 minutes. Splash some oil on the sides to give it the extra crispiness.
  4. Take it out on the plate and serve with some poached eggs, mushrooms & smoked salmon or anything you like.