Ayesha Haq.

I contributed this recipe in Western Australia’s recipe book which was launched this women’s Day:


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  1. Ahmad

    I m a student in New Caledonia and ur blog has been proved very helpful to me, u r encouraging and helping young people in cooking, i really appreciate ur efforts, Thank You so much

    1. Saad Zaheer

      Hey same here buddy!
      this blog is rocking, i am also living away from home but i have found the taste of home here in this blog, thanks chef and keep helping us

      1. Narrain Jha

        ya its ok but i dont like the indian section much because the butter chiken i have eaten in sweet and in her recipe there is no sugar, the tandoori chicken i eat is red in colour but hers is brown and grilled………. so i like her pizzas and pastas stuff but sorry no indian.

      2. ayeshahaq Post author

        Yeah, bcoz I dont like Rainbow food.
        I cook food without adding any artificial colors and I love to and I try to keep my food as healthy and natural as I can.

  2. Donna

    I can see that a lot of effort has benn put in. your site is lovely, thanks for sharing all your cooking secrets.

  3. Manaal Kadri

    Hi Ayesha,
    I like your site and the thing i like the most is your “Dough” section and “Pizza” section. I have learnt many dishes from here specially baking and grilling, your grilled chicken looks soooooo yummy

  4. nadia

    Assalamu Alaikum Ayesha! I found your blog today while searching for recipes and now I’m completely hooked. You’re doing a great job, mashaAllah. Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes. Keep up the good work!

  5. Mrs.Bilal

    hi ayesha.
    I want to see chicken fried rice recipe but not able to find. and some recipes do not open after click?
    reply me plz

  6. Mahwish

    Love your recipes but had one question about the corn coup, what do you mean by sweet corn soup? I have sweet corn in a tin or creamed corn in a tin but could not find sweet corn soup.

    1. Ayesha Haq Post author

      normal corn…… corn in the tin is called sweet corn.
      Please try not to use creamed corn as it leaves a smell in the soup. Corn kernels is what you are looking for 🙂

  7. M

    Can you post a recipe for chicken Manchurian (Pakistani style not Indian, apparently there’s a difference in the sauce)

  8. Victoria - Mariam

    Thank you very much for your time and effort. I am ghori wife of Pakistani man and I love your blog. You made my family life much easier ))) All our family loves food made from your recipes.

    All the best to you and your family. Eid Mubarak.

  9. Mubeen

    Salaam sister ayesha amazing recepies mashallah, got a quick question here in the uk chicken salt is not available would you know of any subsitute for it ?

    1. Ayesha Haq Post author

      Check the “spice” section of some well known grocery store chain…… You will definitely find it otherwise use some normal salt and Chinese salt “Ajinomoto” 🙂

  10. Martina Garcia

    Hello Ayesha,

    All your recipes really look delicious! Specially the chocolate cheescake one, wow! Have to try that one 🙂

    I can see that you got a lot of great feedback and comments, but I was still hoping that you would have a minute to read mine as well.

    My name is Martina and I have read your blog and I really liked your recipes! I work for a website called myTaste.com and I would love for you to join us!

    http://www.mytaste.com is a search engine that collects food blogs. We already have over 3000 blogs and if you join us you will take benefit from the traffic that we are sending to your blog.

    If you like, you can add our widget and hopefully with your recipes your blog will be on the top of the food blogs list!

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@mytaste.com

    To join myTaste, just go to http://www.mytaste.com/add-your-food-blog

    Wish you a great day!

  11. Omair Shakil

    Ayesha I’m a 27 year old bachelor living in nYC who cooks for himself. I just discovered your blog and I am going to be make chicken almonds tonight. I have a few quick questions:

    1. Whenever I bake chicken breast for some reason it has this weird taste in the core. I have tried marinating even overnight in the hope that the marinade will seep through but for some reason the taste is still there. Same with them I sauté chicken breast chunks. I have tried using smaller sized chicken chunks, marinading overnight, using yoghurt but the problem remains. Am i overcooking the chicken? I am out of ideas at this point and have had to switch to chicken thigh because that seems to not taste like that.

    2. Do you have any chicken recipes that incorporate baking instead of frying?

    3. Can you share more thai and Chinese recipes?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Ayesha Haq Post author

      Hi Umair
      Good to know that you cook by yourself, culinary is a versatile branch of Arts. The more you get into it the more you discover.
      What kind of weird taste is it? Like uncooked weird taste? or dried out taste? I think you should try pounding the chicken with meat tenderizing hammer to make it thin and flat, then marinate it for 30 minutes only. I think marinating chicken overnight in yogurt itself is weird in taste and smell. 30 minutes is enough for chicken.
      Try using meat tenderizing hammer to make the chicken fillet thin and flat, I hope that will remove the taste and if it is smell then apply some vinegar before marinating in spices or sauces.
      I have some baked chicken recipes but I am working on baking and grilling part now a days so hopefully soon we will get some more exciting chicken recipes.
      Sure, I will upload some stir frys soon.

      If you have any other question(s), please feel free to ask.
      Ayesha Haq

  12. Hen

    Hi Ayesha

    Mashallah love the recipes. Only problem your koftay recipe link does not work. Please can you send the recipe with picture?
    Many thanks

  13. Sasha

    Hi Ayesha, I love cooking, especially Pakistani food! I am known as a good cook but it’s always great to learn from others, new combinations and ways of cooking the traditional Pakistani dishes. I hardly use recipes online for Pakistani food since I am extremely picky with my food. Any time I tried a recipe I never cared for it. I looked at the ingredients you use and the method in which you use them and I knew your recipes would be goo. I tried one this past weekend with a few tweaks of my own and it was awesome!! I will be referencing your blog for sure to get new ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them. Ramadan Mubarak to you!


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