Daily Archives: January 4, 2009


Garlic is very much wellknown herb From centuries. It is basically used in the preparation of Food and medicines. Research has shown that certain compounds in garlic (allyl-cysteine, and ajoene) can be beneficial to our health. Garlic is an effective ] anti-viral and anti-fungal agent, a natural antibiotic which lowers blood pressure, may help fight cancer, and has many other beneficial effects. Some studies have found lower rates of certain types of cancer in people who consume large amount of garlic. Garlic, with olive oil, is a key element to savory cooking, plus it is healthy for you. Garlic can be used:

  • To avoid High cholesterol,
  • To avoid Heart related problems,
  • To avoid Blood clotting,
  • To avoid Indigestion,
  • As Pain reliever,
  • To reduce infections,
  • To avoid nervous disorder, e.g., paralysis,
  • In Eyesight improvement,
  • To prevent the growth of cancerous cells.


So, People use garlic in your Food to be healthy and Fit.